The Mistrunner Foundation

Started by Daline Mistrunner; the foundation seeks to employ under privileged youths and ex-convicts for a variety of industrial jobs. The foundation provides an education in modern industrial roles, a safe place to stay, and certifications and references which help people start their lives. At time of writing, approximately 2,000 citizens of Naboo are the direct beneficiaries of the Mistrunner foundation.

After Daline passed away, the foundation was taken over by his daughter; Talann Mistrunner. Despite most of her youth having been spent as a pop icon, Talann's celebrity status and keen business acumen proved helpful to the foundation; attracting sponsors and a certain level of class that has helped legitimize the foundation. 

Detractors have been quick to suggest that the foundation is nothing more than a cover for Naboo's worst criminal offenders. They suggest that for every criminal reformed by the foundation, another two return to their criminal past (other statistics suggest the percentages to be closer to one in fourteen return to any sort of criminal behavior), and that there's no way for the foundation to exist in it's present form without some sort of criminal subsidy.

Criminal subsidies or not, it's clear that the foundation will not survive for much longer. With the Empire stepping up it's taxation laws on it's various worlds; the Naboo government has had to scale back it's support of the foundation.  Unless Talann Mistrunner can find some way to secure new financing, the foundation and the people it helps will likely be back on the streets within a year.

The Mistrunner Foundation

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