The Jewel of Midnight

The Jewel of Midnight is an odd anachronism of a more prosperous time in the Republic's history, as tied to controversy as the company it belongs to; Republic Galactic Tours (RGT).  

RGT made a name for itself by appealing to the very upper most echelons of high society, and did so with the introduction of their own custom cruisers. The Jewel was amongst it's first, and being designed for humans meant that it saw the widest consumer base (as compared to other vessels that were designed for aquatic species, or those requiring particular environments). 

From crime lords to politicians (who are really just better dressed crime lords), the Jewel made trips across the core worlds on a regular enough basis that local tabloids began tracking the ship's movements to get their celebrity gossip. 

When the clone wars broke out, things understandably got worse for the tour company who was forced to sell many of their vessels to survive. In what many have described as a poor decision however, the management of the company opted to retain many of the original ships that got RGT it's name; rather than the newer, sleeker, and ultimately far less expensive to maintain vessels. When the clone wars ended, the Jewel (and it's other similarly older cruise liners) found themselves at odds with cheaper competition. 

When money got tighter, RGT started turning a blind eye to the people they allowed to use their services; which unfortunately came to a head when a tabloid caught wind that unwilling slaves were being forced into a gladiator ring on the Jewel of Midnight. By the time the bodies were found, RGT found itself having to liquidate most of it's assets; including finally selling the Jewel off as they closed their books once and for all. 

The Jewel of Midnight

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