Bounty Notice

The datapad you find on the seat of the vehicle remains unlocked, as though it's owner had all the confidence in the world that they wouldn't need to worry about it being viewed by prying eyes. As the simple rented device lights up, the background of the speeder rental facility is plastered over with the unmistakable scrawl of a bounty notice. 


Amount: 50,000 credits

Target: "The Sickle", unknown starship presently in the ownership of four individuals listed below. Health of individuals irrelevant; so long as the Sickle is retrieved unharmed. Any cargo aboard the vessel may be claimed by the bounty hunter as well; but the safe retrieval of the ship unharmed is of paramount importance. Any physical damage to the vessel will be taken out of the bounty reward. 

Provider of notice: Jobel Jonn, Vigo of the Black Sun

Details: The Sickle is a hyperdrive capable freighter. Retrieval by way of the Sickle should be possible without needing a tow or carrier. Bios on the four individuals who were involved with the vessel are attached. (You find bios for not only yourselves, but also Martellus). Last seen on leaving Tatooine.


Worryingly, the bounty notice appears to be that of public record, meaning anyone and everyone on the network is likely looking for you, although there's nothing here suggesting you're on Naboo. That these hunters found you is likely a coincidence.

Thankfully there's nothing to indicate what ship looks like or what serial numbers it's traveling under, but the bios detail your physical appearances, names, and threat assessments. With a little humor, you note that your particular bio suggests that you are a 'low security threat', with the exception of Martellus who is surprisingly listed as 'Extremely dangerous'. 

On that note, you thumb to Martellus' page and find that there are some notes, suggesting that some people have already reported trying to bring him down and that he left a trail of bodies at the Trader's Point cantina after a brutal firefight which ended with him escaping.

Bounty Notice

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