Looking for a glorious end, you suspect Vosshk will never be happy till he stops breathing.


It’s hard to remember the last time you even saw an ‘old’ trandoshan (If one counts 55 as old, which by trandoshan mercenary standards; is practically ancient). Like most trandoshans that ever reach this age, Vosshk’s natural regenerative abilities have begun to slow down. He’s covered in scars that refuse to heal, betraying a life as a soldier of fortune.

Despite this however, age has taught the aging mercenary a few things that most Trandoshans aren’t known for. For one, Vosshk seems to have no issues working with other species. While he certainly recognizes and respects strength, age has taught him that strength comes in many forms.

You suspect there’s another reason that Vosshk has such a progressive perspective regarding other species and the concept of slavery (something trandoshans are inexorbiably linked to as they led raids on Kashyyyk to kidnap wookiees for forced labor), but it’s mired in issues with his family which he never brings up.

Coming to grips with his age, Vosshk has also found the need to coordinate and organize mercenaries somewhat distasteful. He knows he’s not as fast as he used to be, and that having a team of hand picked soldiers to fight beside will almost certainly yield better contracts than anything he could manage as a solo soldier, even at his peak.

For one like Vosshk; there will be no happy retirement home to go to. All he wants to do is to feel alive; and the only thing that gives him any satisfaction in this regard is close combat against impossible odds.


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