Talann Mistrunner

Otherwise known as Stardust, galactic pop icon


For approximately 10 years, Talann was a centerpiece of the modern media. Whether it was her songs and debut albums, or being the center of attention when media hounds began to eat away at her life. Through stress, and the coping mechanisms available to a person in such a life; Talann’s health has deteriorated sharply. For a woman in her 30’s, she has the appearance of someone in her 60’s; frail and gaunt with signs of repeated drug abuse that shows through years of cosmetic surgery.

That said however, Talann has made a considerable effort to go ‘clean’; donating vast amounts of her fortune to helping inner city youth, and managing her father’s industrial interests on Naboo into a tiny microcosm that goes out of its way to hire down-on-their luck civilians. Unlike most worlds with some form of industrialization, Naboo still bears the scars of the Trade Federation occupation, and subsequently the Clone Wars; which has led to strong anti-droid sentiments. Talann capitalized on this when she began managing her father’s factories and warehouses, promising work to those most poorly affected by the war; helping thousands of veterans and disenfranchised youths.

Beyond her work, she is perhaps most proud of her children who she almost vehemently protects from any life involving her celebrity past. While her poor choices may have led to a her crumbling business and failing health; she is often heard saying that she would have changed nothing for it led to her children.

Unfortunately despite these things, she never entirely kicked her drug habit, which has only gotten worse and worse for her as her chemical dependence grew. She is presently romantically involved with a majordomo of the Desilijic Hutt clan, who both supplies her with her Glitterstim, as well as uses her industrial park as a base of operations on Naboo.

Talann Mistrunner

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