He hasn't screwed you over... yet?


Martellus is a tall human in his 40’s. He always appears fastidiously dressed in a trendy suit, with a clipped Correlian accent that betrays some degree of university education. You’ve met him a few times now, and he always seems measured and reserved in his form and speech. Truthfully he seems out of his depth in a den full of criminals, but if he’s ever been bothered ‘slumming it’, he has never let it show.

It’s not to say he’s cold; just professional. He always seems to remember things about your interactions, and you’d be lying if you didn’t find it just a little off putting. It’s always little things like how that person you mentioned dating two years is, or if you ever got over that sore ankle from three jobs ago. It’s odd, and you imagine a better class of person might simply take it as a complimentary level of attention, but in this industry it’s just… creepy?

You’ve never seen him fight, but something about the way he moves suggests that he’d been fine if things went south… Either way; he always pays on time, has never been the cause of bad intel, and seems to be one of the better job broker’s you’ve worked with.


Creed JarikSpiegel