Galadriel "Stitchface" Trense


A bald short stocky human male who is as known for his cruelty as well as his brilliance, Galadriel ‘Stitchface’ Trense epitomizes the sort of thug that the Desjilic clan is looking for to run it’s operations on Naboo.

Galadriel’s name is something of a curiosity; and one that is not particularly well known outside of criminal circles. Many who hear the name inevitably link it to that of a popular female character in an old folk story; but most are quick to realize one should never call the brutish enforcer this to his face. A sore point of sorts, Galadriel prefers to go by “Mister Trense” or the nickname he made for himself when he started out as enforcer: ‘Stitchface’.

Despite his wicked past as an enforcer, Galadriel has proven himself as an opportunistic and capable leader. He understands the value of information, and makes it a point to be well apprised of the people in his employment. It’s of little surprise that he began a ‘relationship’ with Talann when he did, just as her foundation began to fall apart and she was most in need of support and help.

Galadriel "Stitchface" Trense

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