Traders Point

TRD0R-PN009; or Trader's Point as it is more colloquially known, is a refueling point that stands in the middle of nowhere. There are no major trade routes that pass through it, it does not border any planets with vast resources, it would have been described as quaint by technology standards fifty years ago, and is located so poorly that it's almost remarkable how unprofitable it is for anyone in any direction to make a pit stop her. 

In other words; it's a perfect port of call for people such as yourself; looking to either get lost, or talk about things that the Empire need not know of. 

Law on the station is mostly left to the residents who have formed a militia of sorts. And while a proper band of mercenaries could probably overpower said militia in short order, the station has a number of criminal interests aboard. Said criminal interests all understand the value in having a 'safe' environment to conduct business away from the prying eyes of most judicial systems, and so it's an unspoken rule that violent business is never conducted there. 

That's not to say it doesn't happen; but whenever it does, violence seems to follow the perpetrators home. 

The station has approximately 600 residents, and at any one time has about 1000 visitors. While the station is incapable of properly docking with anything larger than a commercial freighter; it is not uncommon to see a wide variety of ships moored to the station.

Traders Point

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