This week on BEYOND THE LENS

A glitzy intro with lens flares and clips of popular stars from a decade ago accompanies the fanfare. Eventually a bothan with flowing electric blue hair and bright green lipstick snaps into frame as the fanfare drops in volume so the host can speak

It is I: Ruby Rogue your host with the boast, bringing you the very latest on celebrity gossip! On tonight's episode of BEYOND THE LENS, we look at some real has beens of yester-year, starting with a pop sensation who has recently fallen off everyone's radar!

The fanfare is replaced with the song that made Stardust famous: 'Won't someone please help me', a slow sonnet of a woman surrounded by beauty, and fame, and wealth, but can find no personal connection with anyone

That's right! Tonight we're going to talk about the reclusive diva STARDUST! Making her debut about 15 years ago, Stardust began as a folk singer under the name 'Talann Misrunner' who caught viral popularity when pop mogul Thespian Golder found her in a talent show and took her to the top of the charts!

A shaky video of someone's personal recording device shows a young teenager in a talent show receiving a thunderous applause. She nervously bows and runs off stage to the waiting arms of her human parents as the crowd screams for more

Despite early success however, the galaxy had seen plenty of cute girls who could hum a tune, but Stardust became an overnight sensation during the Intergalactic Superball Cup 153 when Golder's connections thrust her out as a headliner for the week long game. Many said the show and it's rigorous demands were too much for a 17 year old to handle, but Talann mustered up her courage and shocked everyone when she melted their hearts with her debut pop single 'Stardust' which eventually became her new name.

The screen moves from the host to a rapid fire series of images and videos, ordered chronologically. It begins with a young simple teenager on a stage with a mandovil, before appearing on larger stages, more elaborate screens, red carpet entrances, and a few smoky parties and selfies. In one of the shots you see her passionately kissing a ditzy red woman on the cheek before switching to other photos of her shaking hands with senators and posing in glamor magazines

And when this girl wasn't burning it up on the red carpet, she was burning it up elsewhere if you know what I mean… 

More fast cuts, this time of her in the company of various other celebrities. Sometimes with racers, sometimes with senators and barons, but almost always as a piece of arm candy for someone else. It's not hard to notice that whatever sparkle may have once been in her eyes is slowly being replaced with a displaced 'thousand yard stare' as the chronological pictures push on

But like all stars, Stardust eventually started to burn out. After her third divorce, Stardust's life began to collapse. She started having nervous breakdowns, wardrobe malfunctions, and some even suggested that she may have dabbled with a little bit of… substance. 

The host makes a gesture synonymous with drug use as he snorts the air while holding a nostril shut, before he's replaced with footage with two teenagers outside a stadium. The marquee has a giant poster of Talann, but the girls stand amongst a tidal wave of disgruntled people leaving as they describe the 'horrific' show they had just 'endured'. Words such as 'the worst' and 'garbage' are bandied about by concert goers describing a woman who collapsed half way through her show

But what happened after she canceled her tour? Well… not many know. Stardust went through rehab and tried cashing in on her celebrity status with books, movie appearances, and the occasional talent show hosting; but eventually she faded away into obscurity, taking her three children with her away from the spotlight. 

So where is she? Who knows; but I'm glad she's gone! She was a whore and a tart and a complete druggie! Next up on the show; we have the life of the royal family of Ryjal 3!

The show continues on, but closes it's section about Stardust with that initial video of a young girl in a simple dress, running to her beaming parents on the side of the stage




This week on BEYOND THE LENS

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