Tensions in the Mistrunner Valley

EDITOR NOTES: God damned it kid, keep your left wing agenda out of the paper. I want Starbright looking good; they're buying ad space with us for Xendor's sake. Clean this up and get it back on my desk within the hour for the afternoon print.

Another fire was put out today on the Eastern peninsula when trouble began between a group of locals, and representatives of the newly formed 'Starbright Repair Industries'. Starbright recently arrived on the scene, promising to setup operations out of what many refer to us as the 'Mistrunner Valley'; a massive industrial park owned the Mistrunner family, which has fallen into disrepair in recent years. 

Starbright promises jobs, modernization, and sponsored infrastructure improvements to the dilaptitaded industrial park, but opponents of the plan believe that the organization will displace the many homeless and unemployed people who have taken residence in the area under the Mistrunner Foundation. 

Some even believe that Starbright is a front for a criminal organization, originating from the nearby world of Tatooine; and that this is merely a means of setting up a foothold on our world

"These acts of resistance further solidify why it is that Naboo needs us. People fear the unknown, and we're here to help bring stability to a region that so badly requires us" says CEO and owner Mr. G Trense when we reached him for commentary this afternoon.

Attempts to reach Talann Mistrunner, head of the Mistrunner foundation, have been met with no comment. 

Tensions in the Mistrunner Valley

Creed JarikSpiegel