Message communique to all Starbright employees

To: @AllStarbrightEmployees

RE: Mistrunner Valley Operations; Immediate suspension

As a reminder to all employees, we are to pull back on all operations encroaching on the Mistrunner Valley. We are sending in a negotiator to secure the peaceful transfer of power from Talann to us, and I don't want any of you idiots possibly making that conversation harder than it has to be because you set fire to another kid (looking at you Trask). 

That said, we anticipate that this may not go well, and that's fine. We're going to give them a chance to stand down proper, but otherwise I want everyone gearing up and getting ready to take the valley by force. That means gear checks, and long distance recon. 

Again; nobody makes a move that could make this go south. We get off their turf and nobody even looks at one of their kind, much less makes a move on it until I give the word. 

Don't fuck this up for me or I'll skin you alive (Again, looking at you Trask). 

- StitchFace

Message communique to all Starbright employees

Creed JarikSpiegel