Kytra Colsan

Not your common, everyday criminal; she's better than most.


Age: around 24
Physical description: Young and nubile, Kytra, due to her race and lineage, is the epitome of health, sexuality and joviality. It is clear she is in peak physical condition, and when at all possible, prefers to wear clothes that accentuate the curves of her hourglass figure, and show off her long legs. Her skin is toward the darker range of her species, a healthy crimson red; while her hair is a light blue, which she likens to the color of a certain sweet enjoyed by human children during festivals. Her eyes are a deep purple and are often looking around at her surroundings, ever curious at what is going on; though others may see daftness in her gaze, Kytra does take care to observe her surroundings and is always considerate of others’ feelings.


Born on her species’ home planet of Zeltros, located within the Inner Rim, Kytra lived a cozy life during her formative years. Growing up in a fairly large home, she was spoiled by the attention of her parents and their lovers, and kept company by her father’s other two children. The only child of Thayer and Neara [Neh-ar-ah] Colsan;, her parents were Barons within the region and well known throughout the planet for their hospitality toward tourists, and the way they improved and influenced the economy for natives. Sentients from all over the galaxy would visit Zeltros just to be apart of the extravagantly lascivious parties thrown at the Colsan Estate.
Her parents were attentive when Kytra required it, supporting her interests and encouraging her to branch out; but for the most part they let her make her own experiences. As a child she was very active with sports, and eventually got into dance, as many Zeltron do.

From the age of 9, Kytra grew up with the friendship of Lita Netreshan. Though the girls didn’t live too close to each other, they attended the same educational facilities and were drawn to each other, becoming fast friends. The two always seemed to find themselves in the other’s neighborhood; they were inseparable and caused a lot of trouble together, growing up. Lita, even from a young age, always seemed to have things figured out: always seemed to know what she wanted to do with her life. While Kytra took things as they came, living from moment to moment. Kytra liked to live life one day at a time, never really knowing what tomorrow would bring. Yet, she admired Lita’s self-confidence and her convictions. Always, Kytra sought to emulate her friend, whom she considered a sister. Kytra could tell Lita was destined for great things, and wished to see such things with her friend.

At age 16, Kytra and Lita left Zeltros to explore the galaxy together; to learn the ways of others and have their own adventures. Partying their way through the Inner Rim, the pair made their way to the Mid Rim, and eventually to the Outer Rim Territories where, after 3 years, the girls parted ways.
The girls spent a lot of time on Nar Shaddaa; and it was here, that each girl seemed to find her own calling. It was here, Kytra became truly, irrevocably enamored with the night life and everything it entails. Without necessarily planning things to happen this way, some of the sentients Kytra would rub elbows and share beds with over the years, would open doors for her to become involved with the Exchange. Selling drugs and various other black market items seemed to come naturally to the young woman; and if someone held information she or her employers desired, there were very few, indeed, who could resist her charm. By all accounts, Kytra was well suited to the lifestyle; and for over a year, she supported Lita and herself with this work.
It was also on Nar Shaddaa that Lita did some soul searching of her own. Outside the planet, and throughout the galaxy, wars were being fought; people were dying, and the iron grip of the Empire seemed to be growing ever tighter. Her path was clear. After hearing whispers of a group of resistance fighters, and slowing earning her way to a meeting with a possible recruiter of these Rebels, Lita knew she had to join. She had to try and make a difference, to really do something with her life. Approaching Kytra, Lita tried appealing to her friend, offering for her to join her on a new adventure; to leave the Exchange and to have a chance to really help people. Though initially saddened that Lita would leave, Kyt wished her friend well on her journeys; but she would not leave what she’d become involved in.
While Lita left Nar Shaddaa, searching for the next 3 years for a way to help the fight against the Empire, Kytra spent her time working her way up the ladder in the Exchange.

Though pursuing different lifestyles, the friends kept in constant contact. Although as time went on, what started as weekly calls became less frequent. Over the next three years, the friends did meet up twice; each reunion, the girls bonded quickly. It felt like no time had passed at all between them, even though their visits were years apart.
As Kytra turned 21, and having worked her way a little higher within the Exchange, Lita began telling her about a young man she’d met (yet to be named…). According to Lita, this man, a Human, was a reporter and photographer, capturing the heinous deeds done in the name of the Empire, trying to open the people’s eyes. With this young journalist, Lita had found a way into the Rebel Alliance. To Kyt, this all sounded a little fanciful and far-fetched; and though Lita, once again, asked Kytra to join her, to make an honest living, Kytra turned down her friend a second time. She couldn’t think of anything more honest than having fun and indulging in the pleasures life had to offer.
A little over a year later, Lita has been working within the Rebel Alliance for a little, having gone on a mission or two. In the last transmission from Lita that Kyt receives, her friend says she will be leaving soon with her boyfriend on an important mission. Kytra has come to expect radio silence from her friend during her missions, whatever they are. Usually spanning only a week or so, but sometimes up to a month goes by with no word from her childhood friend when she’s working. This time, a few weeks become a month, then a month and a half with no word from Lita. As the second month with no contact came underway, Kytra started digging, looking for any information she could find on the Human Lita had become so attached to; his last known whereabouts, his social circle, family, criminal history and any bounties that had ever been placed on him.

Kytra Colsan

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