Versed in etiquette and protocol, with none of the wisdom to use it


A lesser known line of the cybot galactica line of droids was a series of protocol units designed for other species. K9-387 is one such model, designed to look more like a bothan than a human; with a shorter disposition, and an elongated snout.

Ultimately the line proved unfavorable, as many touted that if bothans got a droid lookalike, surely their species should to. With profits in rapid decline and ‘All robot designs matter’ movements, Cybot Galactica discontinued the line and doubled down on their regular protocol units instead.

Unfortunately, Cybot didn’t feel a particular need to keep developing replacement parts and updates to the core operating system, telling their owners to instead wipe the cores and instead replace them with basic C3 operating systems. Owners who did quickly found out that their droids were extremely disoriented, finding their bodies completely alien to what they were expecting. The result was a massive failure for most of the droids, to which Cybot promised C3 replacements.

This has led to K9-387 being one of the very few of it’s kind left in service. K9’s owner didn’t bother with a firmware upgrade or a operating switch, and with no support for ongoing development, memory wipes were too dangerous to use. This extended period of time without a memory wipe has led to K9 ‘forgetting’ some of the more basic rules around being coy or discreet. How K9 wound up in the service of Mistrunner is anyone’s guess, but she was eventually forced to leave K9 to work the warehouses after a number of social gaffs.

Now K9 is in a tremendous state of disrepair, barely able to move with systems failing often; but it’s personality and memory circuits appear to have persevered well, possibly a credit to its redesign as compared to C3 units.


Creed JarikSpiegel