After action report for Omega Company

Mission Report: Contract 728-15A with Martellus G.
Reporting Officer: Leftenant Davreau "Hoss" Hossien

- Captain Saul Gordo
- 15 Recruits (See appendix A)
- 2 Seargents (See appendix A)
- See appendix B for Equipment losses

As a follow up to Captain Gordo's report, Omega company held the crash site for a total of 9 days. We set up a defensive line while waiting on the contacts from Martellus. They arrived on the 9th day and were able to restore the asset to operational condition.

Omega Company had taken several casualties after days of prolonged fighting. On the 9th day, sand people switched their tactics, circling around us. Captain Gordo had been injured in a prior conflict and was perhaps too distracted to set up a rear guard, leading to us becoming flanked and suffering heavy losses. 

As discipline broke down, Captain Gordo attempted to flee back to the ship and was shot down by sniper fire. It was at this point that I rallied what was left of Omega, securing the wounded and returning to the asset once the sand people fell back. 

It is in my opinion that Captain Gordo acted poorly in the line of fire, and should be posthumously stripped of his title. If done, his shares in the operation, and compensation for being killed in the line of duty should be reallocated to the rest of Omega.

Due to extended action and further losses in the field, Martellus' contacts have graciously agreed to increase our compensation to 12,000 credits. It is in the company's opinion that Martellus' contacts acted with distinction and valor in the line of fire, and should be kept on as a reliable contact for any future operations they offer.



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