Act 2; Stealing Midnight

Somewhere in the kitchens aboard the Jewel of Midnight

Loda Reene, the only other soldier to have stayed aboard the Jewel with Vosshk, gave the body on the deck a slight push with the tip of her boot. Her chest ached a little from where the chest piece had taken the hit, but otherwise she was glad to be alive. If it wasn't for the armor, she imagined it'd be her doubled over this shattered brick oven, instead of this guard. 

Despite the ship running on backup generators, there was still a very slight hum to it that reverberated through the deck plates. It would almost be comforting if not for the other higher pitched hum in the room with her; belonging to Vosshk. The trandoshan's vibroblade shivered in it's owner's hand, effortlessly going through bone and meat as Vosshk claimed another scalp. 

"Do you really have to do that boss?" she asked as she snapped the side of her blaster rifle open to check the charge. 

The body Vosshk was working on collapsed to the floor as the scalp slipped loose of it's body to the slight sigh of contentment the trandoshan gave. 

"If you have time to ask me that, you have time to check the bodies" hissed Vosskh in return as he wiped the blade clean on the guards sleeve.

Loda sighed and started patting down bodies. It was one thing to hit them while they had the element of surprise, but trying to stop the tide of guards who had regrouped to take the bridge had been messy. Vosshk studied the deck plans with their other three consultants and knew that a trip through the kitchen was likely, so they'd setup an ambush for the eight plain clothes guards. 

Of course, when fifteen of them showed up instead wearing riot equipment, it became a slightly different game. Vosshk at least had the good sense to ask Rayne to kill the lights when the fighting started; swinging the fight wildly in their favor for the first few bodies, but after that it had been a slog. 

"You think the others on the tow ships are alright?" she asked as she completed her check of one of the guards, stripping a blaster pistol of it's charge pack and what few key cards she could find.

Vosshk was surprisingly slow to answer as he completed his own check, pushing the nearest body over the side of a stove. 

"If these goons are any indication of what they're up against, they will be fine. I just hope they can coordinate dropping us out of hyperspace. If we lose them, we're entirely beholden to Rayne to get us out of here" said the trandoshan carefully as he sheathed his blade. 

"The blue chick? You really think that jittery waif can bring this carcass back to life? She almost jumped out of her skin when I tapped her on the shoulder during the drop" asked Loda as she gestured around the ornate kitchen covered in bodies.

Voshhk shot her a dirty look and Loda sighed. 

"While we're on this job, she's one of us. Show some respect" snapped Vosshk as he gathered his little stack of scalps on a meat hook. 

It was at this point that the ship took a sharp spin that could be felt in the deck plates. Even a casual glance out the window showed the blue corridor of hyperspace beginning to break down as the ship teetered off it's axis, while being pulled back into regular space. 

"That's… probably not a great sign" whispered Loda as they quickly gathered their gear and began heading for the bridge. This day was starting to get a lot more interesting.



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