Act 2; Of promotions and opportunities

Meanwhile somewhere on Naboo...

"Congratulations on your promotion Captain Davreau Hossien, wear the stripes well" said the holo of a uniformed man from a far away office.

Hoss snapped a crisp salute and offered his promises of making the company proud. It had come as a bit of a shock that the Thousand Suns had promoted him so quickly, but the loss of Gordo and another officer in this sector had meant they were stretched thin for capable operatives. 

Unlike most military companies, the role of a Captain in the Thousand Suns wasn't entirely related to commanding military operations. Certainly a penchant for being able to handle an operation was a boon, but the real reason for the title was more ceremonial than anything else. A captain's badge meant the authority to solicit contracts, and possibly supplies under the Thousand Suns name, as well as being able to recruit locals to the chapter for missions. 

… It also meant he'd start earning a commission on whatever he brought into the Thousand Suns; something which he was very much looking forward to. 

"So Captain… As an operative of that sector you'll need to start soliciting work. We've got a few leads we could forward your way for wor-" continued the holo before Hoss cut in. 

"Actually sir… I think I know just the people who might be interested in hiring some mercenaries on. If I'm right about them, they'll even have the credits to pay for it…" 



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