Act 2; No turning around

A hasty retreat...

It had all come crashing down. 

Stitchface was beside himself with anger as he angrily walked back and forth on the tarmac of the landing platform. All the money, the work, the posturing, the threats… All gone in the blink of an eye. They had come so close to taking over things, only to be dashed by Talann and whomever it was that made it look like the Desilijic clan was to blame. 

Now it was all for naught. Even if his soldiers were able to suppress and win the day tonight, the valley would never submit to their rule. Desilijic enforcers would be attacked in the streets, their businesses burned at every turn for so long as there were people who believed that bitch died at his hands. 

Jabba… would not accept this. The clan would want answers, hundreds of thousands of credits were poured into this venture, and there would be blood for all of it having so atrociously backfired. For the first time in a very long time… Trense actually felt scared.

Eventually an assistant came by as the last of their 'assets' were loaded onto the shuttle. 

"Sir, I think it's time we leave" said the executive droid. 

"Yes… But first there's something we must do. Kitra; I want a hit put out on her, she's the one responsible for all of this going wrong. 15K, dead" attempted the mob boss, his words twisting uncomfortably in his mouth as if trying them on for size before relaying them to Jabba. 

"Lady Kitra is a lieutenant in our organization Master; the cl-" began the droid before Stichface whirled around with fury and madness in his eyes. At some point he'd drawn his own blaster and leveled it at the droid's midsection in an all-too-initmate gesture of power. 

"I know… what she is. And I don't care, make the call" huffed Stitchface, his voice barely within control. Thankfully the droid didn't care much for his threats; it's actual master had long since given him directives to monitor Stitchface and to go along with his wishes unless he stepped on certain… directives.

"Very well" continued the droid, it's eyes flashing a few times as it began to code a message. Stitchface couldn't care less though, he walked away onto the shuttle, his mind racing as he tried to think of what to do or say to Jabba. Even if he believed that Kitra was responsible for everything, it'd be a hard sell to say that he'd been so completely undermined by her. 

With a final glance over the sparkling city of Naboo, Galadriel "Stitchface" Trense cast a final nervous farewell, not knowing if there was anywhere he could run that would be far enough from the reaches of the Hutt cartel.



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