Act 1; Post Credits. Message for the family of Saul Gordo

To whom it may concern...

Dear Madam, 

I regret to inform you that Saul Gordo has perished during combat operations. 

Further to his demise, I must also inform you that due to reports from both his soldiers, as well as the client hired during this operation; Saul Gordo has been stripped of his rank as Captain, and terminated as an employee of the Thousand Suns.

Saul Gordo performed in a manner inconsistent with the expectations and traditions of this organization and put himself, his team, and his client in mortal danger through ignorance and cowardice.

It is with my deepest regrets that due to his termination as an employee of the Thousand Suns for behavior unbecoming of an officer; all posthumous benefits such as insurance and bereavement relief is hereby denied. 

We have included a list of what personal effects were recovered after the operation was concluded. You have 30 galactic standard days to confirm you would like to have these objects shipped to you at your expense. Please note that we do not sort personal effects; so you must claim the entirety of the recovered objects if you wish any of them. 

Shipping will be handled by a third party organization and the Thousand Suns claims no responsibility of the items nor their handling. If we do not hear from you within 30 galactic standard days, all objects will be considered the property of the Thousand Suns. 

Thank you,



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