A Last Stand

"I thought those people would never show" came a nameless voice over the comlink. 

"Yes Dant; you've been saying these people would never show up for the last 3 days, but here they are so now you're going to shut up right?" replied another. 

"I'll shut up when your momma mak-" began the first voice only to be cut off by the sound of a repeater lighting up. 

"Target, 350 yards north by north west!" shouted another voice; probably Bridges the heavy gunner as another burst of heavy fire went out. 

"Confirmed, light em up!" shouted another with a war cry as another repeater began to reach out, licking the dunes. 

"Odd… They're not getting any closer?" said a voice, too drowned out by more repeater fire. 

"That's right; you better keep back ragheads!" shouted Bridges again as she let another burst out. 

"This is odd… they can't possibly hit us with their rifles either; why are they so far…" began an entirely different voice, probably Hicks by the grumbling but it was hard to tell as a week of hard, desperate fighting began to crack the discipline of the Thousand Suns mercenary squad. 

"I WANT FIRE DISCIPLINE" bellowed the unmistakable voice of Lieutenant Hoss as he joined the front trench. 

"Hold fire, hold fire!" hissed another unmistakable voice belonging to Gordo. 

It was probably a good thing that the LT and captain were back. If they hadn't returned, everyone would probably be going crazy burning ammunition on somethi-

Suddenly a scream, this one from the mortar position behind them. It took all of a second to realize the Sandpeople had suddenly appeared on the mountains. Even from the forward trenches they could see the sand people had started to surround them. For the moment they looked to be busy hitting the rear lines as well as pinning down the red woman who'd just driven into their camp. 

"Echo team was watching our flank, where the hell did-" began Hoss as furious hissing began to jut in through the comlink. 

"Rally and push them back; Bridges and Gaston keep the front line clear!" came the order as the mercenaries rallied together. The woman in red had begun another desperate dash towards them as archaic (but nevertheless; deadly) slugs peppered her every move. 

Well… least this day couldn't get any worse, right?




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